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Garrett G Series G42-1200

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Garrett G Series 42 turbochargers offer enthusiasts a new range of quick spooling, high horsepower solutions for 2.0 liter up to 8.0 liter engine platforms. These turbochargers are perfect for the V8 customer looking for the fastest response turbocharger in this family.  This unit will provide fast spooling and overall better powerband compared to true T4 based units of larger sizes.  The increased turbine capacity is perfect for the 5.0 Based Coyote platform, or even as a 2200 HP + capable pair of twins for your LSX or big block build.  The G42-1200 Compact turbochargers produce up to 1200 horsepower thanks to the ten blade, forged, fully-machined 73mm G Series compressor wheel with high flowing aero. These low inertia compressor wheels are smaller in size and weight resulting faster boost response. (compared to GTX42)
Garrett G42-1200 compressor cover is directly interchangeable with the original GTX-4294 or 4202 compressor cover and also the popular BorgWarner S400SX standard compressor cover. 
The 82/75mm G Series turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response. New turbine aero wheel flows 10% more and has peak efficiency of 77% (Compared to GTX42 at 74% with 1.01A/R). Engineered with inconel super alloy to withstand operating temperatures up to 950C. Stainless steel turbine housings are available with V-band inlet and outlet connections in free float 1.01, 1.15 and 1.28 A/R
mono-scroll options. Divided, free float, T4 turbine housings will be available in 2019.
Garrett Turbocharger PN's 879779-5007s, 879779-5008s, 879779-5009s