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Work 1986-87 Grand National G4S-62mm Series

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The G4S 62mm is our latest offering in our G4 series of turbochargers for the Buick GN and T-Type.  The 62mm is rated at 750+ HP and has great spool characteristics along with incredible efficiency, making it perfect for the customer that is looking for a quick responding and powerful turbocharger.  Works great with pump gas, but even better with E85/Alky Injection or Race Gas.  We offer this model with 3 different exhaust wheels and 2 different exhaust housings to suit your specific modifications and needs.  The 62mm turbine wheel is perfect for the mildly modified car, working best with at least a 2800 converter and a mild camshaft upgrade.  The 65mm is a long time favorite, pair it with a 3000 converter and a mild cam for best results.  Lastly, our highest flowing 66mm turbine wheel was designed for today's split duration camshafts with tighter LSA's. Each unit is built with either our Severe Duty journal bearing system, or our optional Ceramic Ball Bearing system for faster spool and increased thrust load capacity. Need help deciding which model is best for you?  Give us a call and we will put our 25+ years of Buick knowledge to WORK for you!
 All WORK Turbocharger units are custom built just for you and your application, therefore these units will have a lead time before shipping out to you. You will receive an email or phone call once your order has been placed with an estimated time of completion. We are proud to offer true custom built turbochargers for your project, and we guarantee the product will be well worth the wait! Included with the purchase of your turbocharger, you will also receive any tech help you may need along the way to ensure your project is a success!

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