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Borg Warner

BorgWarner S400SXE Supercores

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The S400SXE series turbochargers from BorgWarner offer unparalleled performance, reliability and value. With units capable of supporting 1000-1550+HP in T4, T6 and V-Band configurations there is a unit available for almost any application. Every model has the latest Forged Milled Wheel (FMW) compressor wheel. Turbochargers are sold as a supercore (no turbine housing) and all units with the 88mm turbine wheel feature the latest “SXE” compressor housing with integrated speed sendor, improved aerodynamics and dual fitoutlet options. 100% USA made quality. Give us a call today for help choosing
 the best turbocharger for your application!

WORKed Option, Includes:
Full disassembly and ultra sonic cleaning of all parts, oil circuits, bearing clearances, seal tolerances blue-printed, 3 stage balance confirmation, compressor and turbine wheel clearances blue printed, compressor inlet and exhaust outlet aerodynamics improved, gloss black bearing housing coating, semi ceramic turbine housing coating, Full technical support and WORK warranty