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Garrett G Series G30-900, 62mm Supercore Reverse (Mirror) Rotation

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The G30-900 is an all new design over previous GTX Gen II turbochargers, making it the most powerful small frame unit Garrett offers.The reverse, or mirror style, rotation allows for unique installation requirements in single applications, or a perfect "mirror image" pair of turbochargers for twin turbo applications. The reverse model features the 62x76mm point milled compressor wheel that is capable of delivering 90+ #/min of airflow, or a maximum of 900 HP. The all new design incorporates Garrett's legendary ceramic ball bearing structure for quick response and durability, twin compressor and turbine side seal rings for improved oil sealing, compact footprint for tight installations, an all new 60x55mm 9 bladed turbine wheel, integrated speed sensor and boost reference ports on the compressor cover and a wide range of turbine housing A/R's in stainless V-band inlet/outlet design. If you need help choosing the right turbo for your application, please give us call and we will be happy to help!