Wastegates & BOVs

  • TiAL 60D

    The V60D is everything you love about our V60 but with an inverted diaphragm designed for over 100 psi of actuation control pressure.  The inverted diaphragm design takes the standard wastegate idea and turns it upside down, allowing for boost...

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  • TiAL V60 60mm

    The largest unit in the TiAL lineup. This massive 60mm wastegate will control boost with dead on accuracy in the most demanding situations. The V60 is a favorite in the drag racing and road racing industries, from the burnout box to the finishing line at...

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  • Turbosmart Gen V HyperGate 45M

    The Gen-V WG45M Hyper-Gate 45 Motorsport external wastegate is a cost effective, high performing Gen-V 45mm external wastegate specifically designed for endurance applications where excessive heat is being generated for sustained periods of time. A...

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  • Turbosmart Gen V ProGate 50

    Our new wastegates are a direct fit upgrade to all 4th-generation Turbosmart wastegates and feature our unique collar-locking system, variable actuator cap and base, strap-type V-band clamps, liquid-cooling, 1/8″ NPT ports, and are provided with a...

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  • Turbosmart HyperGate 45 HP

    HP Wastegates Turbosmart  HP wastegates are the highest pressure external wastegate of its kind in the world. They retain the compactness and lightness synonymous with Turbosmart wastegates with the added bonus of being capable of handling high...

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  • Turbosmart ProGate 50 Lite

    Progate50 Lite The Pro-Gate50 Lite is a new external wastegate  that combines big wastegate flow and performance in a compact and lightweight package. It is ideal for applications where performance of a larger wastegate is required but space for...

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