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WORK S4E-8488

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Compressor Specifications - Fully-Machined Billet Custom Wheel

Compressor Wheel Inducer:  84mm

Compressor Wheel Exducer: 

Compressor Wheel Trim: 

Compressor Cover: WORK HP "Race" Cover

Maximum Airflow: 150 Lb/Min (up to 1600 bhp)


Turbine Specifications - Inconel Turbine Wheel

Turbine Housing: T6 Twin Scroll 1.32 A/R EWG (Custom Options Available)

Turbine Wheel Inducer: 

Turbine Wheel Exducer: 88mm


In-house designed 360* Severe Duty Thrust Bearing

3 Stage Balancing

Gloss Black Semi-Ceramic Bearing Housing (CHRA) Coating

Satin Black Semi-Ceramic Turbine Housing Coating

1-Year Warranty on materials and craftsmanship



WORK is proud to announce our latest update to the proven S4E family of turbochargers!  Now featuring a USA made POINT MILLED 84mm compressor wheel  rated at 150 #/min, and a newly re-designed HP "Race" compressor cover . The new S4E will respond faster and make more power and at a new lower price!  Each S4E will feature the 96x88mm turbine wheel, 1.32 A/R T6 turbine housing, WORK USA MADE Severe Duty 360° thrust bearing, 3 stage balancing, gloss black bearing housing coating and satin black turbine housing coating in standard trim.  WORK also offers alternate turbine housings in T4, T6 and V-band configurations.  Questions?  Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help!

All WORK Turbocharger units are custom built just for you and your application, therefore these units will have a lead time before shipping out to you. You will receive an email or phone call once your order has been placed with an estimated time of completion. We are proud to offer true custom built turbochargers for your project, and we guarantee the product will be well worth the wait! Included with the purchase of your turbocharger, you will also receive any tech help you may need along the way to ensure your project is a success!

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