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Work 1984-85 Grand National Hot Air Upgrade

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Work is proud to be at the forefront of turbo technology for the venerable Hot Air Buick! We offer an impressive selection of custom turbocharger solutions for the non inter-cooled enthusiast. Starting with our exciting new 5856 billet unit that features cutting edge forged milled compressor technology that is perfect for the mildly modified customer looking for a solid 400 HP daily-driver turbo. Next, we have the new generation alky and E-85 friendly billet models that are strong performers for the customer that has ported heads, mild camshaft and converter upgrades, and ending with our 64mm unit that is capable of 750+ HP and 9 second 1/4 mile times, WORK has a turbo for your application. All of our Buick upgrades are fully upgraded with the latest USA made severe duty 360° billet thrust bearings, premium journal bearings, step gap seal ring and low drag carbon seal. Each turbocharger is hand built in house and is fully balanced with every clearance blue printed to ensure your turbo will last for years to come. All WORK turbochargers are also coated with our gloss black bearing housing coating and satin black turbine housing coating to keep your investment looking sharp under the hood! We also offer stock replacements and rebuilds to older performance units as well. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

All WORK Turbocharger units are custom built just for you and your application, therefore these units will have a lead time before shipping out to you. You will receive an email or phone call once your order has been placed with an estimated time of completion. We are proud to offer true custom built turbochargers for your project, and we guarantee the product will be worth the wait! Included with the purchase of your turbocharger, you will also receive any tech help you may need along the way to ensure your project is a success!

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