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  • WORK S4X-8088

    WORK S4X-8088

    Compressor Specifications - Fully-Machined Billet Custom Wheel Compressor Wheel Inducer:  80mm Compressor Wheel Exducer: mm Compressor Wheel Trim:   Compressor Cover: WORK V2 "Race" Cover Maximum...

  • WORK Billet S475 WORK Billet S475 WORK Billet S475

    WORK Billet S475

    Compressor Specifications - Fully-Machined Billet Custom Wheel Compressor Wheel Inducer:  75mm Compressor Wheel Exducer: Compressor Wheel Trim: Compressor Cover: BorgWarner Std Cover Maximum Airflow: 110 Lb/Min (up to 1100...

2 of 2 Items