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Ford 2003-2004 PowerStroke PowerMax Drop-In Upgrade 777469-5002s

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If you have a 6.0L PowerStroke V8 (2003-2004) and are seeking a drop in upgrade for your factory turbocharger, the Garrett GT3788VA is the solution. 

This turbo incorporates Garrett's proprietary Advanced Variable Nozzle Turbine housing, which allows for increased compressor flow and boost response from idle all the way to peak torque

Drop in replacement for your factory turbocharger

Retains Factory Electronics

Supports up to 560 bhp


Compressor Specifications

  • Compressor Wheel Inducer:  64mm


  • Compressor Wheel Exducer: 88mm


  • Compressor Wheel Trim: 52

  • Compressor A/R: 0.58
  • Maximum Horsepower: 560 bhp



Turbine Specifications

  • Turbine Wheel Inducer: 73mm


  • Turbine Wheel Exducer: 66mm


  • Turbine Housing A/R: 0.90
  • Turbine Wheel Trim: 84


This turbocharger is designed to work best with an upgraded engine, so installing it on a stock 6.0 will not yield a huge gain. With a simple flash tuner and some extra fuel, you can start making better power with lower EGT's

Fits 2003 F250. F350, and Excursion (Will fit 2004 trucks built BEFORE 9/23/03)


Part# 777469-5002s

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