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       We Are Now Taking Pre-Orders 
             For The New BorgWarner 
             S200SX-E And S300SX-E 

BorgWarner has officially opened up the pre-order status of the latest AirWerks series of
turbochargers, the S200SX-E and S300SX-E. These turbochargers feature the latest in
Forged Milled Wheel Technology, new high performance compressor housings with
optimized aerodynamics, shaft speed sensor mounting provisions, and dual fit compressor
outlet flanges.  These exciting new releases cover a wide range of horsepower requirements
with the 9180 S300SX-E touching 900+HP capability!

 The  S200SX-E series models are available in 52.17 and 57.15mm compressor wheel inducers,
both with 61mm exducer turbine wheels. Perfect for applications looking for a highly
responsive turbocharger capable of up to 650HP. We have T3, T4 and V-Band turbine housing
configurations available to suit your installation requirements. 

 In the S300SX-E family we have 61.44,62.99,64.47,66.11 and 69mm compressor wheel options,
all come standard with the latest 73.37mm exducer turbine wheel.  These units all come standard
with BorgWarner's 360° thrust bearing for increased durability when used high pressure ratio
applications. These turbochargers are available as a supercore assembly to drop into your existing
S300SX turbine housing, or with a variety of T3, T4 or V-Band inlet configurations. 
Give us a call today for your specific application, price quote and lead time!

   New TiAL V-Band Exhaust Housings 
        For BorgWarner S400SX Series 
                      Available Now!

Work Turbochargers is proud to offer the TiAL Sport V-Band exhaust housings for the popular
BorgWarner S400SX3 series of turbochargers utilizing the 83/74mm or the 87/81mm
turbine wheel size. The benefit of the TiAL housings are lighter weight, gasket-less
connection points, improved aerodynamics, smaller overall footprint and stainless
construction for corrosion resistance and better thermal control. We have these housings
available in 1.02, 1.16 and 1.30 A/R ratios. Contact us today for pricing and
application information, we will be happy to help.

 BorgWarner S430SX-4 Turbochargers 
                    Are Now Shipping!

Work Turbochargers is excited to offer the S430SX-4 family of turbochargers in 78, 80 and 82mm
sizes all with Forged Milled Technology compressor wheels. These units utilize the latest compressor
housing from BorgWarner with a larger A/R for higher flow capacity over previous S400SX
“high performance” or “race” covers, speed sensor port provision for data acquisition systems,
dual fit compressor options for V-flange or hose fitments and improved inlet aerodynamics.
This family also comes standard with BorgWarner’s own 360° thrust bearing system for increased
durability. Turbine housings are available in 1.32, 1.58 T6, and we also offer the Bullseye Power
V-Band stainless exhaust housing for those looking for a more compact and simple installation.
Contact us today for your application.

       The Biggest S400SX-4 Is Here!

Work Turbochargers is proud to introduce the baddest S400SX BWTS turbocharger made,
the S400SX-4 82FMW. Featuring an 82mm Forged Milled Wheel technology compressor wheel
coupled with a 96/88mm turbine section, this is your answer to a responsive 1300+ HP S400
based unit. Utilizing 100% BorgWarner parts, Work Turbochargers hand builds every one of
these units to suit your specific requirements, offering un matched quality and performance.
With prices starting at $1850.00,and optional 2 year street use warranty this is unit that
delivers time after time. 

                                       Contact us today for your quote!


   Ultimate Street 80mm Borg Warner

Work Turbochargers Ultra/Ultimate Street legal 80mm turbocharger has proven itself to be a
consistant front runner for those looking to run in this popular class. This unit can be set up in
T6 as well as T4 platforms, both capable of producing 4 second ET's. When you purchase
any "class" turbocharger from us, free tech support and tuning tips are included at no charge! 
Give us a call today so we can discuss the best option for your combo.



             The Baddest Cast Wheel 
                    76mm Is Here!

If you are looking for the best turbo for Real Street, we have you covered.  Tested and proven,
this unit has already been a 4.89 @ 144mph on Mark Rogers Ultimate Street entry
earlier this year at Memphis...this unit is ready to prove itself on any drag strip. 
With a newly designed High Performance compressor cover directly from BWTS,
4 turbine wheel choices and both T4 and T6 fitments there is a model perfect for your combo. 
Give us a call today, we will be happy to discuss your application.




           Turbosmart Summer Sale 2015!

Work Turbochargers is offering free shipping on the entire Turbosmart catalog this summer! 
From boost controllers to BOV's, it all qualifies for free shipping, and we even have
combo discounts
to help out even more.  Work Turbochargers and Turbosmart
...making 2015 the fastest summer yet!


            New Turbosmart Direct Fit
       Wastegate Actuators and BOV’s 
                      For EFR Series!

Borg Warner’s Engineered For Racing (EFR) turbochargers have cemented a strong reputation
in the turbo aftermarket due to their high-tech design and efficiency. Their innovative new
bearing design, low-inertia turbines, and unique combination of advanced materials have made
the EFR range a go-to product for tuners worldwide.

Turbosmart has produced a number of products specifically for Borg Warner’s EFR series to
further enhance the performance potential of these high-tech turbochargers.

Turbosmart’s Borg Warner EFR-specific internal wastegate actuators and blow-off valves
require no special tools or fabrication to install. They are direct replacements for the
standard items and offer a significant improvement in boost control and performance.

Turbosmart’s IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator range is available in both
single- and twin-port versions for EFR turbos. Both are more durable and reliable, and offer
superior boost control compared to the stock wastegate, enhancing boost response and
therefore performance. The Twin Port IWG-75 offers an even greater level of control over
actuator pressure with the pressure differential between two sealed chambers creating a dynamic
force with more accuracy than conventional single-port actuators, making it ideal for traction-limited
applications, such as high powered front-wheel-drive cars.

Turbosmart’s Kompact blow-off valves, or bypass valves, are significantly more durable and
effective at handling boost compared to the standard plastic valves, which can crack with
increased pressure or over time. The Kompact uses billet aluminum construction to offer durability
and performance even under heavy boost. The Kompact is available in a full-recirculating
plumb back version, which allows quiet operation for those wanting to fly under the radar, and a
dual-port version, which is a 50/50 split between recirculation and vent-to-atmosphere, keeping
the car’s computer happy and still providing the trademark Turbosmart blow-off valve noise.

If it’s Engineered For Racing, Turbosmart can make it Engineered to Win! We have access to the
entire Turbosmart line, contact us today for your specific application!

        Turbosmart Internal Wastegate
                Actuator Upgrade For 
               The EcoBoost Mustang
                       Now Shipping!

The EcoBoost Mustang has brought turbocharging back to the ‘Stang for the first time since the
Fox Body SVO. While the EcoBoost offers strong performance with impressive fuel economy,
Turbosmart believes the Mustang’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost has a lot more potential. This is why
Turbosmart has committed to developing a whole range of products for all North American
EcoBoost models.

Turbosmart has designed a brand new Internal Wastegate Actuator for the Mustang EcoBoost.
Turbosmart’s IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator better controls the flow of exhaust gas to the
turbine of the turbocharger compared to the stock actuator, resulting in a flatter boost curve which
comes on sooner, with more stable boost and less drop off at the end of the rev range. The result is
a more drivable car with smoother power delivery and less turbo lag.

Turbosmart’s Internal Wastegate Actuator can cope with the high stresses and temperatures of
high boost applications for prolonged periods of time, and is highly customisable with
interchangeable springs for a range of boost levels. Constructed with the level of precision customers
have come to expect from Turbosmart, the IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator allows the EcoBoost
engine to realize its full potential.

Part Numbers:

  • TS-0622-8072 – IWG75 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost 7PSI
  • TS-0622-8102 – IWG75 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost 10PSI

Contact us today with any questions, we will be happy to assist!


         BorgWarner S400SX Product Sale!

WORK Turbochargers is offering the entire line of BorgWarner SX series of turbochargers
on sale from now until the offical end of summer 2015! 

All of our "Worked" line up of turbochargers qualifies for free shipping, while all "box"
unit models have a flat rate shipping charge of $10.00!

  • S400SX4-80mm Ultra/Ultimate Street models 
  • S400SX4-76mm Real Street in T4 and T6 options

All models and options are on sale!  Contact us today


          WORK Turbochargers 

                                                 Is Proud To Introduce

                 New Turbos From BorgWarner

                 Through Testing Directly With 

                   BorgWarner Turbo Systems,

              The New S500SX4-88 And S500SX4-91 
                                   Are Available Now!

Utilizing the latest in compressor housing designs, high efficiency turbine sections,
and dedicated factory involved R&D; these new BorgWarner models will be the
hot ticket for restricted size racing classes. Fully tested along with R&D throughout the
2010 racing season!

The S500SX4-88 took Chad Branson's
HED built Dodge Dart to theNDRRA championship!
An impressive best 4.99 ET at 145mph pass,
placed Chad at the top of the cast wheel 88mm class.
The S500SX4-88 is lighter and more compact than
pervious models. Email us today for all the latest
in pricing and combo specific set ups.






WORK Turbochargers!



Mark Rogers, First To The 80’s In Ultimate Street!

Good customer Mark Rogers posted a 4.89 pass in Ultimate Street, making him the first car
in the 80’s with a cast compressor wheel equipped 76mm turbocharger. Mark’s pass happened
in Memphis earlier this year, showing off the capabilities of his HED built Modular powered
Mustang. Mark relied on our class specific 76mm cast compressor wheel turbocharger
to help push his car into the record books. The Mustang features fabrication and suspension
tuning by Eric “Bigun” Yost, with sub 1.15 60’ times helping the little Ford get the job done.

Congratulations go out to Mark and his whole crew!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your team!


Team 311X Wins At Piedmont!

Jason Lawing took home the win this past weekend at the Draggin' Rights True Street 275 class
held at Piedmont Dragway. Jason's car runs a TKM Performance SBF by The Kevin Mullins,
custom fabrication and chassis work by Eric "Bigun" Yost, and it gets its atmosphere fed
to it by one of our 76mm cast compressor wheel Ultimate Street spec turbochargers.
Best run of the afternoon was a 5.09 in the finals.

Awesome job from the whole 311X crew!


Rob Senkyr's Personal And Impressive Best

Rob and his 4140lb 1967 Pontiac Lemans posted and incredible 9.48 et at 143mph with only
16 psi of boost. His combo includes the 535 Pontiac with SD Performance heads being fed
by a WORK 91.5mm Ftrim turbocharger

See more of Rob's car in his section in our Customer Gallery


Bobby Grasch Wins MDRA X275

Bobby Grasch takes home the win on his first race outing with
our new BorgWarner S500SX4 88mm.
This was Bobby's first time to enter a organized race
and only the second time to the track with the new combination!
His winning ET, and yet another personal best 
was 5.36 @ 135 on Hoosier 275s with 21 psi of boost

Check out Bobby's car in our customer gallery


Ev Bernardo Featured In August 2011 Issue 
Of Hot Rod Magazine


Congratulations to Ev Bernardo of EB3 Motorsports on receiving some ink in the
August 2011 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. Ev was featured with his 1968 Chevy Camaro
for Drag Week 2011. The Chevy small block powered Camaro is equipped with
twin GT4718 88mm WORK turbochargers and is looking to improve on his previous
2010 Drag Week's 7.61 average. See the entire article on page 58 in the
upcoming August 2011 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.


Arnie Cobb Wins 5.0 At Macon National Dragway


Arnie takes the win against Israel Deraney in the 5.0 class at Macon National Dragway.
Arnie's Nova is equipped with a WORK 106mm. turbocharger.
Arnie would like to give special thanks to Buddy, Dad, Shane, and Nicholas.


Personal Best ET On First Weekend Out For
Bobby Grasch With His New WORKed Upgrade


Bobby recently made the move into the new
BorgWarner S500SX4 88mm.
On the first weekend out on 275 Hoosiers
and only 20 PSI of boost, 
Bobby was rewarded with a personal best!


              60'... 1.383
              660'... 5.452 @ 134.89
              1/4... 8.38 @ 166.11


Shawn Zubler Goes 6.60 In NMCA
Trim First Weekend Testing 


    • First weekend testing with the new BorgWarner S500SX4 88mm,
    • Shawn Zubler and the KOS Motorsports team set a personal best
    • and an unoffical NMCA record. Keep a look out at NMCA events
    • for the Outlaw 10.5 1999 Trans Am as the KOS team
    • works out the details!


The new WORK Turbochargers Site
Has Come To Life!

Take some time to look around, our Knowledge Base located in the FAQ section
provides a wealth of detailed general turbo information,the Customer section
includes build information, pictures and multimedia,in the Services area
you will find more details about what we can do for you, along with information
in the About Us that provides information about who we are.
Any feedback is highly appreciated, don't be shy about sending us a note
if you have a question or suggestion!



For 2011
WORK Turbochargers Proudly Announces
Teaming Up KOS Motorsports With The Newest
88mm Turbochargers From BorgWarner. 

The new S500SX4-88 will be showcased on Team owner and driver Shawn Zubler's
immaculate 1999 NMCA Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am. The PA based team with be attending
many races with full research and tech involvement from Work Turbochargers.
The 88mm units will be fully prepped under our own Work Turbochargers line
of race specific turbo units with our speed sensor mounting option for data acquisition.
KOS Motorsports will be the first WORK Turbocharged vehicles to be running
twin BorgWarner S500SX4-88s.

Gibson Racing Gets WORKed Again.

  In high gear with momentum from 2010's
  impressive season, Gibson Racing is
  on board with WORK Turbochargers for
  an exciting 2011.New modifications to the
  chassis were tested out for the first time
  at the ORTC Radial Revolution at SGMP
  in February leading to Gibson posting a
  new personal best 1/8th mile ET and
  MPH.After the event, it was decided to
  make the moveover to our new
  WORK Turbochargers twin 91mm units
  to exploit the power potential of the 
  small block power plant. As always,
  the hard charging Gibson Racing team is up to the challenge of this years season with
  full support from WORk Turbochargers. JR would like to thank TCI Transmissions,
  VP Racing Fuels, Mickey Thompson tires and Moran Racing Injectors for their support in 2011.
  Look for new updates coming soon as JR hit’s the track withthe new twin 91mm combo!

 Jamie Hacking Makes Major Changes For 2011


Jamie has revamped the GMC Syclone with an updated front suspension and new HED built
V-6 power to take full advantage of the WORK S500SX4-88mm turbo. Looking to shatter
the already impressive perfomance from last year, Hacking has everybody in X275
well within his sights for 2011.


Monson Racing Is WORKing Out The Details
For 2011!

Jim Monson Team Work Tubochargers!Returning for 2011, the unmistakable
Mustang belonging to Jim Monson has
undergone some minor changes while
in hibernation this winter. Look for a
newforward facing turbo setup,
allowing Monson to pull every last bit
of power from the underdog small block
10.5 outlaw. Jim and crew chief Dan
“Huggie Bear” will be running select
NMRA/NMCA events, as well as the
YellowBullet Nationals, testing the
potential of the new combo. 

Jim would like to thank
the guys at XS Power,
Hutch’s Transmission,
NLR Controls, VP Fuels
and Mickey Thompson Tires
for their continued support in 2011!

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