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WORK S4E-9188

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Compressor Specifications -7+7 Blade Fully-Machined Billet Custom Wheel

Compressor Wheel Inducer:  91mm

Compressor Wheel Exducer: 123mm

Compressor Wheel Trim: 56 

Compressor Cover: WORK HP "Race" Cover

Maximum Airflow: 175 Lb/Min (up to 1700 bhp)


Turbine Specifications - Inconel Turbine Wheel

Turbine Housing: T6 Twin Volute 1.32 A/R EWG (Custom Options Available)

Turbine Wheel Inducer: 96mm

Turbine Wheel Exducer: 88mm



In-house designed 360* Severe Duty Thrust Bearing

3 Stage Balancing

Gloss Black Semi-Ceramic Bearing Housing (CHRA) Coating

Satin Black Semi-Ceramic Turbine Housing Coating


The WORK S4E 91mm compressor wheel was designed from the ground up to provide great power delivery without overwhelming the 96mm turbine wheel we all know and love!  Customers have reported spool times equal or better than the S480 with almost another 150 HP on tap at the same boost level.  We were focused on providing the best turbocharger possible for the LS/LT market, and I think we hit a home run!  Designed to perform very well in the 22-28 PSI range, this unit is perfect for the SBE LS customer that is wanting 1200 flywheel HP without having to push a crazy amount of boost.  Power delivery is super smooth and these guys work great as twins on a big-block application.  2018 Drag Week class winner Frank Saponaro made an impressive 38 psi of boost with only 37 psi of backpressure on his record setting pass.  Reliable and affordable, the S4E-91 is a top contender in the mid-frame category.  Contact us today with any questions regarding our unit, we will be more than happy to help!

All WORK Turbocharger units are custom built just for you and your application, therefore these units will have a lead time before shipping out to you. You will receive an email or phone call once your order has been placed with an estimated time of completion. We are proud to offer true custom built turbochargers for your project, and we guarantee the product will be worth the wait! Included with the purchase of your turbocharger, you will also receive any tech help you may need along the way to ensure your project is a success!