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BorgWarner S300SXE-6168

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BorgWarner S300SXE - 61.44 Compressor Wheel/68mm Turbine Wheel

The SXE series of supercores from BorgWarner combines top tier features at a great price! 100% made right here in the USA, the 61.44 compressor wheel is rated at a max flow of 77lbs/min or approximately 775 flywheel HP. Matched with the quick responding and high flow 68mm turbine wheel, this turbo is a great choice for single and twin applications. WORK also offers a wide variety of turbine housings to suit your specific installation needs. We have T3/T4 in both open volute and twin scroll designs. TiAL Stainless V-Band exhaust housings are also available. If you need help deciding which BorgWarner SXE unit is best for you, contact us and we will be more than happy to help!


Standard Features of the BorgWarner SXE Supercore:
Forged milled billet compressor wheel, 360° thrust bearing assemblies, the latest high perfprmance compressor cover, Dual fit compressor outlet, Integrated speed sensor port, Pre-machined boost reference port, 1 year warranty


Worked Option Includes
Severe duty 360° thrust bearing upgrade, 3 stage balancing, Improved compressor inlet aerodynamics, Gloss black bearing housing coating, Satin black CERAKOTE ceramic turbine housing coating




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