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TurboSmart Billet Inline Fuel Filter (10um) (-6AN to -10AN) TS-0402-1130

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The most important aspect of any serious engine build is the fuel system. Having an injector clog or fail can mean the difference between a trophy and a blown engine. One of the fundamental safety nets for every internal combustion engine is the fuel filter. Filters stop debris from entering the fuel rail and potentially clogging or damaging an injector.

TurboSmart created their Billet Fuel Filter to satisfy the need for filtration without having an eyesore in the engine bay. The sleek, machined billet aluminum design blends in with any modern build. This is a 10 micrometer (um) filter designed as a secondary filter to capture very fine particles near the fuel rail. We recommend a 100 micrometer (um) fuel filter further upstream to remove large particles and extend the service life of the 10um filter


Part# TS-0402-1130 (-6AN)

Part# TS-0402-1131 (-8AN)

Part# TS-0402-1132 (-10AN)