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BorgWarner S400SX-E 7688 FMW T6 1.32 A/R Turbocharger PN 14969880029

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  Introducing the latest S400SX-E turbocharger from our friends at BorgWarner!  The new "S476 SX-E" is a direct replacement for the venerable S475 SX with the same flange locations and dimensions.  The S476 features BorgWarners 10 bladed SXE 76/100mm Forged Milled Billet compressor wheel that provides a solid 100 HP flow potential upgrade from the 171702's cast compressor wheel along with greater efficiency for less heat generation at comparable boost levels.  This turbocharger platform also utilizes a more durable 360° thrust bearing for increased longevity at higher power output levels.  This unit is currently 100% USA made product for quality you can trust.  Unit comes standard with a 1.32 A/R T6 housing with optional 1.15, 1.45 and 1.58 A/R's available. We also offer this unit with T4 and several V-band Inlet options as well.   Need help deciding if this turbocharger is right for your application?  Just drop us an email or phone call, we are here to help!


Features:  76mm Forged Milled Compressor Wheel, added durability over Cast and MFS Billet

                HP Ratings up to 1150 flywheel HP

                96/88mm Turbine Wheel

                T4, T6 and V-Band Exhaust Housing Options

                Outline directly interchanges with 171701 and 171702 Turbochargers