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Caterpillar 3406 78/88 1.45

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WORK Turbochargers is proud to offer our updated BorgWarner 78mm unit for all single turbo CAT 3406 and conversion engines. This turbocharger is directly aimed to provide solid performance and response for a professionally tuned engine targeting 600-650 HP and great overall efficiency.

WORK starts with a GENUINE USA made BorgWarner supercore and then provide the following upgrades.

Upgrades Are:

• Full Disassembly and Inspection
• Full Blueprint of All Oil Circuits
• Micro Finishing of All Bearing Surfaces
• WORK USA Made Journal Bearing Upgrade
• WORK USA Made Thrust Bearing Upgrade
• Compressor Housing Machined for Improved Inlet Aero
• Compressor Cover Machined for O-Ring Sealing
• Compressor MAP Groove Brought to Our Specifications
• Compressor Cover Volute Blue Printed
• Turbine Housing Volute Blue Printed
• 3 Stage Balance Confirmation, with Full assembly Balance to Our Specifications
• Access to Our Exclusive Content on YouTube to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Turbo System!

Options Include:

• Cerakote Ceramic Turbine Housing Coating
• Motor Coat CAT Yellow Bearing and Compressor Coatings

All WORK/CAT units require a 35 day turn lead time on average, please plan, accordingly!
If If your needs are urgent, please call or email us for lead times and accommodations!


• Do we offer this turbocharger is a 1.32 option?
  Yes, but only for 500-550 HP tunes

• Do we build custom turbochargers for CAT applications?
  Yes! We offer various sizes and brand, please contact us for applications!

• Does our turbocharger carry a warranty?
  Yes! Turbochargers are covered by our warranty for 1 year

• Do we offer wastegated housings
  No. We have found them to be problematic and unreliable in most higher HP applications.

• What is the maximum boost pressure I can run with this turbocharger?
  We recommend keeping the boost in the 34-38 psi range as much as possible. Short runs with 40-42 psi are acceptable, but the unit should not operate above 42 psi on a regular basis. Single stage turbochargers of this size are pushed out of their operating range    very quickly and life expectancy is greatly reduced due to the inefficiencies found in higher than engineered pressure ratios, regardless of brand or model.

Please note, high altitude turbochargers will need to operate at a lower pressure. Please contact us regarding your application if you are regularly operating the vehicle above 4000 feet.