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Garrett GTX Gen II 4720R

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The Garrett GTX Series is the Undisputed King of the Turbocharger world, Featuring technology that has become the standard for high end Turbochargers, like Dual Ceramic Ball Bearings and Integrated Anti-Surge Machining. If you want the Ultimate in Spool time, Response, Power Capacity, and Reliability, the Garrett GTX Series is the only choice.

The GTX4720R is available in 76mm, 80mm, and 88mm inducer diameters, with T6 Turbine Housings available in 0.96, 1.08, 1.23, 1.39 A/R

The Generation II Upgrade includes

  • 11 Blade Compressor wheel
  • Compressor exducer is now 120mm (+2mm vs Gen I)
  • 0.88 Compressor A/R (Gen 1 was 0.69 A/R)
  • Gen II  flows nearly 10% more air than the Gen I
  • 30% Reduced inertia due to reduction of material in the hub and blades
  • Lower inertia helps make boost faster and increases overall turbo efficiency
  • Increased flow has potential to make more power at same boost or same power at lower boost levels




Part # 851285-5013S

Part # 851285-5014S

Part # 851285-5015S