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Maven Large Frame Billet Turbo Mount

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Are you looking for the best solution for mounting your new turbocharger? The Maven Performance Steel Turbo Mount supports the turbo from the bearing housing at the drain interface. Standard 7/8" and 1" DOM or mild steel roll bar tubing for small frame turbochargers. (G4, T3/T4, Garrett, S200SXE, and S300SX/SXE) 1" or 1-1/8" for mid framed turbochargers (WORK S4 and S45, BorgWarner S400 and Garrett GT42/47/50 and 55 series) large frame (WORK G6-122, BorgWarner S500, Precision Gen 1 and other large frame units) and the pro-mod that is specifically made for the Gen 2 Precision Pro-Mod turbochargers. This tubing can then be welded directly to the Maven billet mount making a secure connection between your turbocharger and chassis. This type of mounting allows your turbocharger to remain in place when removing exhaust and compressor tubing, saving time in the pits and during maintenance.