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Turbosmart Big Bubba TS-0204-1201

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Big Bubba

Big Bubba has been designed for big horsepower, high performance and high boost turbocharger applications. Big Bubba is, as its name suggests, big, bold and in-your-face. It is by far largest valve in the Turbosmart range. But it's not all about the size and looks, Big Bubba packs a lot of punch too! With a heavy duty, CNC billet aluminum body and components  and a 52mm (2.05") hard anodized aluminum two-piece piston, Big Bubba gives a new meaning to the term hardcore. A -4AN threaded vacuum port offers a wide variety of connection methods. Outlet fitting size: 50mm (2.0"). To make things easy we've ensured all Big Bubba valves use the same inlet flange and V-Band clamp as the Turbosmart Race Port. All that in a package that weighs only 790 grams (1.7lbs)!