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WORK 1986-87 Buick Grand National TE-5857 Turbochager Upgrade

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WORK Turbochargers is proud to offer a MODERN turbocharger upgrade for your 1986-87 Buick Grand National/T-Type! The TE-5857 will be your go to turbo for an upgrade that will support up to 550+ flywheel HP. WORK takes this turbo one step further and upgrades it with our latest 3 stage balancing, gloss black bearing housing coating, satin black turbine housing coating, fully in house machined housings and a premium 360° severe duty thrust bearing upgrade for maximum durability. The TE-5857 is built with our WORK billet 7 bladed compressor wheel with current generation technology allowing a more efficient operational range, faster response and overall more power, Our WORK 9 bladed high flow turbine wheel, USA made bearing and seals, Billet seal plate that converts the turbocharger to dynamic seal for faster boost response.

This turbocharger will work great with mild upgrades such as 60# Injectors, Chip, 160° Thermostat, High Flow Fuel Pump, Air Filter and Exhaust upgrades. It really shines with the addition of a 2800+ stall converter!

We also offer adjustable wastegate actuators in low and high boost configurations, or you can re-use your current TE-44/60 actuator if you already have one!

The TE-5857's are built 2 different ways, the "Quick Response" model will have a Genuine Garrett .63 A/R turbine housing and is built on a core exchange basis, or with our "High Flow" .63 A/R aftermarket turbine housing.  The difference in spool time is ~150-200 rpm less lag with the Garrett housing, but it also will limit top end power by ~25 or so HP.  If you choose the Garrett option your core must be a stock viable core with no broken bolts, cracks or major damage. The condition of the bearings/wheels does not matter as we replace all of these items with new parts.  If you want the Garrett turbine housing option but do not have a viable core we can provide you with a core housing at an additional cost, see the drop down menu for details. 

All turbochargers are built to order, our normal turn around time is 3 weeks or less from the day of your order. If you are sending in your core for upgrading, please let us know it is on the way so we can turn your order around a s quick as possible!

Any questions you have please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!